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Dan wrote:
>The posting on this to which I responded most recently suggests that the AM
>license never went back to the FCC. Instead RKO bought the WLAW TX from
>Rogers and Diehm bought the lease to the WLAW Boston studios from Rogers and
>the WNAC TX from RKO. Since we consider WRKO to be the descendent of WNAC,
>this would make WPZE the descendent of WLAW.
Nobody bought anything from Rogers-- Alexander Rogers was very much deceased
and now, so was Irving, which is the reason the remaining family decided to
exit radio; the radio station had been put on the air in 1937 by Alexander,
and then left to his son Irving.  As for what happened next, isn't there
somebody on the list with access to FCC microfiche?  The records I have say
the following:

Original Owner: Hildreth & Rogers Company (Alexander Rogers-- Lawrence

3/21/44:Purchased by Irving Rogers, Harold Morrill & Shawmut Bank.
8/22/44:Control acquired by Irving Rogers.
6/10/53:Purchased by Vic Diehm Associates, Inc.
10/23/57:Purchased by Great Trails Broadcasting Corp. (Air Trails)
7/17/61:Purchased by WEZE, Inc. (J.P. Williams).

I agree that there is a link between WLAW and WVDA and WEZE/WPZE.  But I am
not sure the link was a continuation of the license or simply Vic Diehm
purchasing a frequency that was now vacant.  I assume the FCC microfiche
could tell us if the license of WLAW was returned to the FCC, couldn't it?