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At 08:47 AM 7/22/97 +0000, you wrote:

>According to the Boston Post and the Lawrence Eagle Tribune, everything took
>place immediately (as in, 'on the day of', rather than a few days later).
>WLAW went dark and WVDA went on the air.  There was no waiting period, and
>WVDA even took over WLAW's studios in the Bradford... Since WLAW went dark,
>as in gone, off the air, bye bye, finished, how is WVDA a continuation of
>it????  The Eagle-Tribune, which had owned it, was very clear about WLAW
>ending its days as a radio station.  They buried the story on about page 13,
>but they basically explained that the Rogers family (which had owned WLAW)
>no longer wanted to have a radio station and was ceasing its radio
>involvement as of that day.  Sounds pretty final to me...  
Sorry, Donna; it doesn't speak to the subject! The issue is whether the WLAW
AM _license_ was transferred to Diehm along with the lease for the WLAW
Boston studios and the WNAC TX. All that _could_ have happened and yet be
consistent with the Rogers family completely exiting from radio. The issue
is whether the AM license went back to the FCC along with the FM license, or
was transferred to a new licensee, presumably for cash. In those days, AM
licenses (even ones for relatively underpowered stations like 1260) were
worth sums that were considered princely.

The posting on this to which I responded most recently suggests that the AM
license never went back to the FCC. Instead RKO bought the WLAW TX from
Rogers and Diehm bought the lease to the WLAW Boston studios from Rogers and
the WNAC TX from RKO. Since we consider WRKO to be the descendent of WNAC,
this would make WPZE the descendent of WLAW.

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