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Dan wrote:
>>I _like_ that explanation because, in a post earlier this week, I was trying
>>to say that I though that was what happened to WLAW AM. I was kind of
>>shouted down by other members of this group, however.

Oooo, we are such a hostile bunch!!!  But we're cute, aren't we?  And we get
into debates about some truly arcane subjects...

then Martin wrote: 
>More out of curiosity than trying to further one or the other side
>of the argument, does anyone know (Donna?) whether WVDA took over 1260 at
>the moment (on-the- day-of would be close enough) that WNAC began
>broadcasting on 680, or was there a period when the frequency was dark?
>And, did WLAW shut down prior to WNAC taking over 680, or was it on right
>up until the change?

According to the Boston Post and the Lawrence Eagle Tribune, everything took
place immediately (as in, 'on the day of', rather than a few days later).
WLAW went dark and WVDA went on the air.  There was no waiting period, and
WVDA even took over WLAW's studios in the Bradford... Since WLAW went dark,
as in gone, off the air, bye bye, finished, how is WVDA a continuation of
it????  The Eagle-Tribune, which had owned it, was very clear about WLAW
ending its days as a radio station.  They buried the story on about page 13,
but they basically explained that the Rogers family (which had owned WLAW)
no longer wanted to have a radio station and was ceasing its radio
involvement as of that day.  Sounds pretty final to me...