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> From: Mark Shneyder            \ Internet:    (mshbc@bu.edu)

> WPZE-WEZE management has confirmed the sale of AM 1260 (they still
refuse to
> name the buyer, though; The Herald named Craven & Thompson
Communications out
> of Philadelphia as the new owner). 

And no one knows anything about this new owner?  (Maybe no one cares!)
BTW...I thought someone on the list listed CBS/Westinghouse/Infinity as
the suitor for 1260AM.

> One has to question whether Salem's original
> intention all long was to move the calls(WEZE) and format to a new
> frequency(590) which would improve the coverage and not have 1260-590
under the
> same roof.

For a religious owner to own TWO AM's and do RELIGION on both of them...
.Makes no sense at all.  They appear to be competing with themselves...

>  Kind of makes you wonder if Salem will still try to acquire an FM
> around these parts....

That would be the only logical way for them to compliment their AM

> Reportedly, ad advertising agency will begin operating inside WEZE's
studios in
> Quincy very shortly. 

Where will WEZE and WPZE operate from then...???

On another note....Even with the call letter/frequency switch....I
noticed that one of the stations dropped out of the last ratings.  Only
WEZE got listed....wether it be at 1260AM or 590AM in the listeners mind

So basically, another facility dropped off the end of the map...