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Someone reported a couple of days ago that WADN was off the air.  While
driving through Bedford today, I decided to check, and I found it on the
air, with Blumberg programming, as usual.

BTW, people say it has a lousy signal, but I found the signal quite
strong, from Route 128 in Lexington, through Waltham, almost to Route 9.
Around the Turnpike intersection, the background hiss began to be
noticeable, and the signal faded under each bridge.  By the time I reached
Route 9, it was still a listenable signal, but the background noise was
getting more obvious.  Going out Route 9, while still in Wellesley, it
began to fade and become annoying to listen to.

I can usually hear WADN in Brookline on my car radio, but not well.  And
it certainly doesn't put any kind of decent signal into Boston.  But
around the affluent suburbs that it purports to serve, it seems to have a
reasonably good signal.

BTW, the WJIB signal is quite strong in Bedford.  But I already knew that,
since I never had any trouble getting WTAO/WXHR 740 when I lived there
back in the 60s.

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