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At 03:48 AM 7/21/97 +0000, you wrote:

>I can usually hear WADN in Brookline on my car radio, but not well.  And
>it certainly doesn't put any kind of decent signal into Boston.  But
>around the affluent suburbs that it purports to serve, it seems to have a
>reasonably good signal.
By day, you're right, if your standards for "reasonably good" are not too
high. By night, no way! Even before WPRX got its power increase, I noticed
adjacent-channel interference from WBBR right in one of the three Concord
business districts. And, in fact, I suspect that the interference would have
been noticeable in two of the three business districts: near the Colonial
Inn, and near Concord Depot--I think Concordians call it Depot Square. The
only business district where I would expect a clean nighttime signal is West
Concord, which is the one closest to the TX. However, even there, WPRX might
cause problems now. I believe that WPRX must have gotten its higher-power
signal on the air early this spring. The night that WADN was off, WPRX's
signal was very loud and clear--at least on the peaks of the fading. Once
WADN cuts its power, and WPRX and WBBR start to bomb in, WADN is
unlistenable at my location, which is about 12 miles east of the WADN TX.
The signal is beamed due east at night. During the day, the pattern is a
figure-8 on a west-northest by east-southeast axis. The lobe toward Boston
is stronger than the one toward Carlisle and Groton.

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