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Re: History Timelines etc

On Thu, 17 Jul 1997, Rob Landry wrote:

> For that format Boston is not nearly as important as Norfolk County and
> Middlesex ex-County (what do you call a county that has just been
> abolished?).  WPLM covers Norfolk County without a problem as far as I
> know, so the question is could they put a good enough signal over
> Middlesex to compete with us?  I suspect the answer is yes.

I have trouble with WPLM's signal in Brookline -- which is in Norfolk
County.  But WBOQ comes in on my car radio quite well in Dedham,
Stoughton, and elsewhere in Norfolk County.  So I'm not sure WPLM would
add much.

As for Middlesex, the county government was abolished, but it is still a
geographical venue.  There is still a Middlesex County Registry of Deeds
(Two of them, actually) and voters in the county will continue to elect a
Register of Probate, a Clerk of Superior Court. a District Attorney, and a
Sheriff, all of whom will be paid by the state (As the Register of Probate
and Clerk of Superior Court already are.).

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