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Re: History Timelines etc

On Thu, 17 Jul 1997, Sean P. Smyth wrote:

> But wouldn't WPLM have the ability to apply for a translator of some sort
> in Boston since I would presume Boston would be within the 1 mV/m area
> which one needs to place a commercial FM translator? Who knows. I am
> surprised the Tanger folks did not make a push for either WBOS or WOAZ when
> they opened up (or even 1150) since after these stations being sold it
> looks as if everyone is locked down for quite a bit.

Where on the spectrum would such a translator go?  If there's someplace
in the Boston FM dial available for a translator, why can't WRBB move
there?  As I understand the rules for stations of WRBB's class, WBOQ could
force the move.  Or am I understanding the rules wrong?

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