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Re: New, "improved" WEEI signal

At 01:42 PM 7/7/97 +0000, you wrote:
>        So, same question as last week's poster: What goes on here?
>        For one thing, it's hard to imagine the day pattern, if that's
>what's being used, putting less signal to the southeast. Maybe the
>pattern's been mysteriously reversed by the Roswell aliens and all that
>"sea-power" is going due west???
WRKO's day signal usually carries miles further to the west than WEEI's
does. I would not predict that from looking at the patterns at Kodis' Web
site. I figured out the equivalent power to the west from each station and
the effective powers are not that different. Obviously 680 has an advantage
of 850, but not as much of an advantage as the coverage difference to the
west during the day would seem to suggest.

My theory on what's going on at WEEI is tower maintenance. I suspect that
WEEI is running DA-1 or ND-1 with a modified pattern while they work on one
or more towers. The FCC is pretty lenient about prohibited overlap under
such temporary conditions.

I revisited the WNFT site over the weekend. It's only about a mile from my
house. I swear that in addition to painting the towers, replacing the rooves
(roofs?) on the tuning houses, and replacing the walkway among the towers,
which had been rotting and falling apart (all things I reported on a few
weeks ago), they have poured new concrete footings around the existing
footings at the base of each tower, and buried the transmittion lines, which
I think used to run on top of the walkway. Big-time work that Greater Media
did to pretty the property up for a sale, which they utlimately made to ARS.

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