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Re: Whither WMVU?

At 01:58 AM 7/8/97 +0000, you wrote:
>Kevin Landrigan, the statehouse correspondent for the Nashua Telegraph,
>writing in his usual Sunday commentary column , dropped this bombshell in
>the middle of yesterday's piece, in a discussion of possible candidates for
>the vacant Office of Emergency Management in Concord:
>"Others seeking the job include former House Chief of Staff Lee Marden and
>former Sununu aide Ed Lecius who will soon be out of work with a corporate
>purchase the WMVU-AM station in Nashua where he is general manager."
>OK, who wants to move heaven and earth to find out about this?
Over the weekend (only tried to tune in once), WMVU seemed to be off the
air. Have not tried to check this morning. I think a sale was reported in M
Street Journal a week ago. All those big outfits blend together for me (just
like the programming), but I seem to recall it's the one that owns 232
stations, none of which has extremely high billings. 

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