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Re: Nunc pro tunc

At 06:58 PM 7/7/97 +0000, you wrote:
>"Nunc pro tunc" means "now for then."  The expression is used when an
>order is to have some retroactive effect.  It usually means that the court
>is correcting some mistake by allowing an act done now to be retroactive
>to some prior time.  In the case of a dismissal nunc pro tunc of an
>application before the FCC, I can only guess that the dismissal is being
>done later than it should have been, or perhaps that an application filed
>in error is being dismissed as of the filing date, for some reason.
Thanks, Joe. Since I couldn't read my e-mail at home while I was at work, I
checked www.altavista.digital.com for nunc pro tunc citations on the Web and
got the definition. I can't think of many reasons for the FCC's
_retroactive_ dismissal of WKOX's application. Maybe there was error in the
application. Maybe there's some reason for effectively refiling before the
actual date of the retroactive dismissal--something that would be impossible
if the dismissal were not retroactive. But I'm guessing.

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