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New, "improved" WEEI signal

        Someone posted a message last week saying that it sounded as if
WEEI was not switching to its night pattern (I think the message said
reducing power, actually).  Sorry, I erased the message.

        But ... I listened Friday and Saturday night just before and after
8:15, which I think is the correct time for this month (can someone confirm
that?) and didn't hear a switch. I also listened at 8:30 and 8:45.

        The strange thing is that where I was, in Scituate, the signal
actually sounded noticeably worse at night than normal, to the point where
it was almost unlistenable. I ended up listening to the end of the Red Sox
game Friday on WTIC because it was so bad. It also was bad last night
around 9 p.m. driving north on Route 3 from Norwell. It didn't really come
in properly until Weymouth.

        Driving west in the turnpike, sure enough, the signal seemed to be
much better than normal. Around 10 p.m., it was clear all the way past 495
and very good to Auburn. It only started to turn into hash in Charlton. If
my memory serves, this is way better than what it should be at night. Like
WRKO, it normally starts to go bad (real bad) just west of Framingham.

        So, same question as last week's poster: What goes on here?

        For one thing, it's hard to imagine the day pattern, if that's
what's being used, putting less signal to the southeast. Maybe the
pattern's been mysteriously reversed by the Roswell aliens and all that
"sea-power" is going due west???