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Re: The Rock Garden (WCGY)

At 06:22 PM 5/8/97 -0500, Peter George wrote:
>     I can hear it now........
>(canned announcer) "Don't Go Breaking My Heart"....Elton John and Kiki Dee..
>      and before that..."If You Leave Me Now"...Chicago....."
>(jingle)   "Ninety-Four.....(bling, bling, bling !!!)....W-C-G-Y......"
>(oldie)    "Elusive Butterfly" -Bob Lind
>(oldie)    "My Belle Amie"- Tee-Set
>(canned announcer) "You're with the Rock Garden...24 hours a day..WCGY !"
>It was funny hearing the same format on WGFM (99.5) in Schenectady and
>on a station in "K-land" on e-skip that year (1976).  I good friend of
>mine used to run the reels at WKFM (104.7) in Fulton (Syracuse) using
>the same TM format.  Obviously there were a few of these TM stations

That same service existed into the mid-ish 80s at least.  What was really
weird was listening to a station that was automated outside of drivetime,
but the TM service was the only music source they had, so they'd play the
tapes of songs back announced by the TM announcer, then the local jock (who
never seemed to have a voice that even approached the TM announcer) would
come in afterwards.