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"Hear ye', hear ye'...W-B-Z...Radio 1-0-3 ...."

As a kid, WBZ was the radio station of choice when it came to my folks.
In 1966 (at age 6) I hated it when my dad switched to WHDH. It was simply
stuff that only "old folks" (as a kid, "old folks" were those over 30)
listened to.  At least when WBZ was on, it played "good" stuff.  I 
cannot forget the news sounder "Stand by for NEWS....first, fast and
factual...from the WBZ News Center !!!!!  (clanging teletype !!!)"
Remember, there were FEW FM car radios so it was either 'BZ or 'HDH.
Of course when my dad when into the store, I switched the radio to
"Home of the GOODGUYS...W-M-E-X.....in the new Boston !!!!" (Pams Jingle).
He, of course, was not exactly pleased when he returned ;) !!!!

However at the ripe old age of 6 and three-quarters, I found WRKO-FM
and naturally...my tastes changed. But that's for another time :) !!!

- -Pete-

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