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RE: Censoring "Kodachrome"

'A. Joseph Ross' wrote:

I remember one a bit earlier than that.  There was a song, circa 1960 or
so, called "My Boomerang Won't Come Back!"  It was about a member of an
Australian Aborigine tribe who couldn't get his boomerang to come back.
It contained the line, "I waived the thing all over the place, practiced
till I was black in the face, ..."

After the song had been out awhile, apparently it generated some
complaints from someone, and the word "blue" was substituted for "black."

Funny, I never heard the "black in the face" version (until I heard it on   
an oldies show).  Boston and Portland stations always played the "blue"   
version - at least when I was listening.  I'd like to think that maybe I   
didn't pay much attention, but at that time in my life, music & radio   
were my main interests - (right after school and homework - hah!)   I   
knew (or thought I knew) all the lyrics to all the songs.  Sang along   
with'em time after time after time.  A day without radio was a sad day,