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Connecticut TV

On Wed, 9 Apr 1997 ehenness@natick-amed02.army.mil wrote:

> I don't think there's ever been a TV facility up there, either.  WEDH (24 
> Hartford) and WEDW (49 Waterbury) are on with WFSB and WTXX, respectively I 
> believe.  WEDY (65 New Haven) was on a short mast atop East Rock in New 
> Haven, a whopping 300-350 feet over the city, and probably still is.  
> (Nothing else is up there but the WELI RPU antenna, tied via telco line to 
> Radio Towers Park, and I don't know if that's still up there.  When channel 
> 59 West Haven was a translator of channel 30 (now WVIT 30--I think it was 
> WNBT then), I think they may have been on East Rock also (and that's when 
> there were two NBC affiliates in the market--WATR-TV 20 and whatever the 
> calls for 30 were prior to WVIT).  Channel 30 also had a translator in 
> Torrington on channel 79, but I can't begin to recall the calls on that 
> one...  
> Whew.  Enough Connecticut TV trivia for now...

Channel 49, WEDW is in Brideport, not Waterbury. At least that is how they
are listed in the FCC database and in the New York Metropolitan edition of
TV Guide.

Channel 30's original calls prior to WVIT were WNBC. This was during
the time that NBC's stations in New York were known as WRCA. Channel 30
was NBC owned and operated during that period and used channel 30 to store
the WNBC calls and because they stood for We're New Britain Connecticut.

Lance Venta