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Connecticut TV

Lance Venta said:

>Channel 49, WEDW is in Brideport, not Waterbury. At least that is how they
>are listed in the FCC database and in the New York Metropolitan edition of
>TV Guide.

Okay.  I may have crossed things, and others may have changed.  In any case,
 at one point there *was* a CPTV (PBS) station in Waterbury, as well as 
Hartford, New Haven, Bridgeport, and (channel 53) in Norwich).  My 
references are elsewhere.

>Channel 30's original calls prior to WVIT were WNBC. This was during
>the time that NBC's stations in New York were known as WRCA. Channel 30
>was NBC owned and operated during that period and used channel 30 to store
>the WNBC calls and because they stood for We're New Britain Connecticut.

There was also another call between the time channel 4 in NYC became WNBC 
and channel 30 became WVIT.  I just can't remember what it was, and I don't 
have references handy.

Ed Hennessy