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Connecticut TV (and radio)

<<On Wed, 9 Apr 1997 14:21:04 -0400 (EDT), Lance Venta <venta2@TCNJ.EDU> said:

> Channel 30's original calls prior to WVIT were WNBC. This was during
> the time that NBC's stations in New York were known as WRCA. Channel 30
> was NBC owned and operated during that period and used channel 30 to store
> the WNBC calls and because they stood for We're New Britain Connecticut.

And it was then co-owned with what is now WPOP, which was then
licensed to New Britain and had the callsign WNBR....  The WPOP
transmitter is just over the New Britain line in Newington.  The WNBC
transmitter used to be in New Britain proper before they moved to
Farmington, which is why WATR-TV was able to get an NBC affiliation at
that time.

The CPTV station in Waterbury is just a translator, W12BH.  Amazingly
enough, CPTV's New Haven station, WEDY, is only licensed for about 8
kW; there are probably people in the surrounding area who can get WEDH
better then WEDY.

(Meanwhile, ``low-power'' W51BZ continues to upgrade; its last
application was for about 200 kW.  I could imagine a shake-out
scenario in a few years where Pappas does finally get granted the
full-power 51 allocation in Pittsfield, thus bumping W51BZ back down
quite a ways; it might make sense for the owners of the New Haven
station to try to swap allocations with CPTV to get the full-power
allocation on channel 65.)

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