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Connecticut TV (and radio)

Garrett Wollman posted:

>The CPTV station in Waterbury is just a translator, W12BH.  Amazingly
>enough, CPTV's New Haven station, WEDY, is only licensed for about 8
>kW; there are probably people in the surrounding area who can get WEDH
>better then WEDY.

At the time I was referring to, I believe there *was* a station in 
Waterbury.   The channel 49 is in Bridgeport.

Garrett, you're exactly right on WEDY.  I grew up just north of New Haven, 
and probably about  5 miles as the crow flies from East Rock in New Haven.  
Any time we'd watch CPTV, it would be channels 49 or 24.  In any case, 
channel 65 never came in all that well, and we had a decent roof antenna 
with a rotor that would pick up channels 20 and 30 as clearly as the local 
VHF stations.  It hasn't gotten any better since then, I gather...

While we are on the subject, did channel 8 ever have a translator on 
channel 6?  I know that in certain areas of New Haven (ones very close to 
East Rock with it between Mad Mare Mountain in Hamden where channel 8 has 
their stick and the receiving antenna), channel 8 could not be picked 
up--my grandparents were in one of these areas.  I seem to remember them 
watching channel six and picking up WTNH (or it may have been WHNC-TV).  
With WABC 7 in NYC, and WTEV 6 in New Bedford, there was no way it was 
adjacent channel interference.  They did have a decent antenna, since WABC 
came in very well.

Ed Hennessy