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Re: WITS.....man, what station ;) !

At 09:56 AM 4/9/97 -0400, Garrett Wollman wrote:
>(*)I believe that, at the time, you were required to have your studios
>(and not just ``main studios'') in the CoL, so if they wanted to
>broadcast from Hartford they had to change the CoL to something that
>included Hartford.

Did the FCC occasionally grant waivers for this sort of thing?  Until the
late 80s WFEA in Manchester, N.H.'s studios were at the transmitter site in
Merrimack, and absolutely NEVER made any references to actually being
located in Merrimack ... they had a Manchester, not a Merrimack phone #.
Mailing address might have been Merrimack, though. In the 70s they added a
Nashua request line #, but I never recall them ever IDing as anything other
than "WFEA Manchester".