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Hartford FM

<<On Wed, 9 Apr 97 12:58:23 -0400, ehenness@natick-amed02.army.mil said:

> That's WMRQ, formerly WIOF and WYSR.  I thought they were out in Prospect, 
> CT near Waterbury, on what I think may be called Prospect Hill, and 
> possibly on the WTXX tower...


        Licensed to: Waterbury, CT
        Freq: 104.1 (channel 281)
        Coordinates: 41@33'41"N  72@50'39"W
        ERP: 18000h 18000v
        Height: 255h/255v m AAT, 354h/354v m AMSL 317 max HAAT
        Beam tilt: No
        Directional antenna: Yes
        Owner: WYSR, Inc.
        Last update date: 950412


        Licensed to: Hartford, CT
        Freq: 102.9 (channel 275)
        Coordinates: 41@33'44"N  72@50'40"W
        ERP: 19500h 19500v
        Height: 247h/247v m AAT, 345h/345v m AMSL 307 max HAAT
        Beam tilt: No
        Directional antenna: No
        Owner: Buckley Broadcasting Corporation, Inc.
        Last update date: 891204

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