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Hartford FM

Mark Casey wrote:

>Take a look at the ratings and you'll find each station has about the
>same share in Hartford & New Haven markets, while the  Hartford stations
>that have TX sites in
>Farmington (WRCH) or Avon(WTIC,WCCC) have larger Hartford shares, smaller
>New Haven shares and decent audiences in Springfield Too!!
>It's true that the kid on the corner with his boombox, and that busy mom
>with a Radio
>Shack radio in the kitchen doesn't want to listen to Mr. Scratchy no
>matter how good the format is!!

        Regarding the ratings, the fall '96 Arbitrons, 12+, that are on
line contradict that. The West Peak-Meriden stations WKSS and WZMX and,
especially WHCN, have much lower ratings in New Haven. It's true that WDRC
and WWYZ are almost as strong. But, IMHO, format is a factor. The formats
of WDRC (50s-60s oldies) and WWYZ (country) are not duplicated in New
Haven, which has fewer local signals. WKSS (CHR/pop) and WHCN (classic
rock, but rock until last fall) are. This doesn't explain WZMX (70s), which
is not duplicated in New Haven, but some things just aren't meant to be
explained. This actually supports your Mr. Scratchy theory. But everything
is relative - -and some of the West Peak stations are going against
stations with even better signals in much of the New Haven area, mainly
WPLR (rock) and WKCI (CHR/pop).