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Hartford FM

<<On Wed, 09 Apr 1997 12:23:21 EDT, n1lzc@juno.com (Mark Casey) said:

> West Peak in Meriden is the location for these Hartford area station,
> most of which, by
> the way, are on separate towers  100-200 feet apart. 

> WM??  104.1 Modern Rock  (Waterbury)

WMRQ... I forgot that one too.

Scott and I were up there last year, and it is definitely a rather
bizarre-looking collection of towers.  I'm given to understand that it
was an original Armstrong site.... Maj. Armstrong sure knew how to
site FM stations!  (From there you could hear both W1XOJ in Paxton and
W2XMN in Alpine...  I think you can still hear WAAF, and the couple of
NYC signals that haven't been 80-90ed to death yet.)

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