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Re: Hartford FM

At 04:58 PM 4/9/97 +0000, you wrote:
>Same is true in 
>Boston, but to a smaller extent due to the larger metro area--WXKS Everett, 
>WXKS-FM Medford,

Both WXKS and WXKS-FM used to be licensed to Medford. The AM COL changed to
Everett when the AM went fulltime (1985?). Even though the TX is in Medford,
the signal is directionalized away from Medford and toward Everett at night.
The QRM on 1430 is so bad, they could not meet the requirements for the
Medford COL, so they changed the COL to Everett. Obviously, the objective of
the fulltime license for 1430 was to have more time to sell. Whether or not
anyone could actually receive the station at night was clearly not a
consideration. WENE in Endicott NY is directionalized right toward Boston
with 5 kW and a 5-tower in-line array. The pattern is very narrow and we
must get the equivalent of something very close to 50 kW ND from WENE. The
Mystic River lies between the WXKS TX site and Everett. So with the aid of
the salt water, WXKS gets out the three or so miles to the other side of
Everett. Whoopee!

WXKS needs a nighttime synchronous transmitter. They should diplex with
WNFT. The directional pattern, using the existing WNFT towers, could protect
the coverage of the sticks at 99 Revere Beach Pky. The synchronous TX would
cover Watertown, Belmont, and parts of Lexington, Arlington, Waltham, and

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