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W. New England Radio & TV

The last time I checked ---it's been awhile --- Ch 51 was running CH 13
out of Albany
at translator power --less than 1000 watts-- from Mt Greylock in Adams
Mass. My  dad
gets its P1(thats clear or best possible signal) at his house inHampden,
Mass, just
up the ridge from me. Berkshire county needs something up there besides
CH 19,
a satellite of CH 10, Albany. Hope that they get their 200kw!!.
Until a few years ago you could still spot some Ch 6 antennas aaround
as Ch 6 ---WNHC-TV was the only thing on for  awhile and they even did
some news
for Springfield audiences. CH 40 was on 55 originally and CH22 was on 61
The 6 to 8 swap in New Haven had something to do with WRGB CH 6 in
also. I heard WRGB was on CH4 but this hasn't been confirmed.
Yes, West Peak was one of Armstrong"s sites and I think the forerunner to
was that station.
Does anyone know any history of CH 53, Waterbury(forereunner of today's
CH20), I 
believe that the original family just sold the FM and they may have been
the owners
from the start ---WATR AM-FM-TV , and have been told that the piano up on
West Peak
is theirs!! I'm taking a guess that 53 , an independent, moved to 20 and
to NBC and at
around the same time to a new TX site in Waterbury, probably in order to
the required network protection distance from CH 30.