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     Channel 30 in New Britain, CT started life in 1952 as an experimental
UHF station operating as KC2XAK, a repeater for WNBT/4 in New York.  This
was THE test station for the FCC's soon to be expanding group of frequencies
for new TV stations.  NBC provided the equipment, the FCC gave the OK for
the experimental license.  When FCC adopted the UHF plan, KC2XAK became
WNBC-TV, Channel 30 until the time WRCA-TV took the WNBC call-letters
and sold Channel 30 to a local group who renamed it WHNB-TV.  In 1977,
WHNB-TV was sold to Viacom who quickly renamed the station, WVIT.  The
rest is history.  Channel 30 had two translators, W79AA in Torrington
(channel 79) and W59AA (Channel 59) in New Haven.  Both are now silent.
WVIT is the oldest living UHF station in America.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, 'VIT !!

- -Pete-

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