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Re: W. New England Radio & TV

On Wed, 9 Apr 1997, Mark Casey wrote:

> The 6 to 8 swap in New Haven had something to do with WRGB CH 6 in
> Schenectady
> also. I heard WRGB was on CH4 but this hasn't been confirmed.

It was.  I lived there at the time (I was in 4th grade), and I remember
WRGB moving from Channel 4 to Channel 6.  It took awhile to get our TV
tuner adjusted so that we could get a decent picture on Channel 6.  TV
service people were very much in demand, so finally my father figured out
how to do it.  At the time, it was the only TV station we had.  There were
new stations on channels 41 and 35, but our TV didn't get UHF, and my
parents wouldn't get a UHF converter.

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