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Re: Hartford FM

On Wed, 9 Apr 1997 ehenness@natick-amed02.army.mil wrote:

> Yes, the Record-Journal.  Note that most cities with at least 50,000 
> population tend to have (or had) a station allocation.  That explains why 
> Hamden, a definite suburb of New Haven, has 1220 (now WQUN, and has a 
> looong history of calls, including WCDQ, WOMN, WSCR), and 101.3, WCKI (and 
> WQAQ, but that's in a different category as a class D).  Same is true in 
> Boston, but to a smaller extent due to the larger metro area--WXKS Everett, 
> WXKS-FM Medford, WCRB Waltham, WBOS Brookline.
Well, except that WXKS was originally WHIL, Medford.  I'm not sure when
or why they changed their COL.  And WXKS-FM was originally WHIL-FM, which
is why its COL also is Medford.

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