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Re: Hartford FM

At 04:52 AM 4/10/97 +0000, you wrote:
>On Thu, 10 Apr 1997, Dan Strassberg wrote:
>> WXKS needs a nighttime synchronous transmitter. They should diplex with
>> WNFT. The directional pattern, using the existing WNFT towers, could protect
>> the coverage of the sticks at 99 Revere Beach Pky. The synchronous TX would
>> cover Watertown, Belmont, and parts of Lexington, Arlington, Waltham, and
>> Brighton.
>What's a synchronous transmitter?
A second transmitter, in a different location, on the same frequency,
transmitting the same program. If the locations are close (as they would be
in this case and as the two WLLHs are), the frequencies must be held very
close or the beat frequency effects become very annoying. In this case, the
interference on 1430 is so bad at night, that, as you drove between
Lexington and Medford, each transmitter's signal would drop into the QRM
before you could pick up a listenable signal from the other one. (I'm
assuming that the Lexington synchronous TX would use a power similar to the
night power of the Revere Beach Parkway TX--in other words something in the
neighborhood of 1 kW.)

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