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Re: WITS.....man, what station ;) !

Steve Ordinetz writes:

>Did the FCC occasionally grant waivers for this sort of thing?  Until the
>late 80s WFEA in Manchester, N.H.'s studios were at the transmitter site in
>Merrimack, and absolutely NEVER made any references to actually being
>located in Merrimack

In 1980, when I went to work at WBOS/WUNR, it was permissible to have one's
main studio at one's transmitter site even if the site was not in one's
community of license.  Both WBOS and WUNR were licensed to Brookline, but
the main studios for both were at the WUNR transmitter site on Saw Mill
Brook Parkway in Newton.  There were "auxiliary" studios in what was then
the Hotel Bradford in Boston.

However, in 1981 the stations were granted something called an "Arizona
waiver" which allowed all but the "public service" programming to come from
the "auxiliary" studios.  The stations moved out of the Bradford and into
new studios at 160 North Washington Street, where WUNR still remains.
Except for early Sunday mornings, everything originated in Boston from then
on, even though the main studio technically remained in Newton.

Rob Landry