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Re: WITS...and their famous 50KW upgrade....

At 08:28 PM 4/2/97 +0000, you wrote:
>Hmmm....Maybe the signal became stronger where it already *was*......but
>where the signal was dead (to the north) it still *is* invisible at
The night pattern includes a minor lobe to the north. This _could_ have been
as strong as the main lobe in the old 5-kW night pattern (about 500 mV/m
inverse-distance field at 1 mile). This would have put a decent, though
unimpressive signal, as far north as 128 in Burlington. I don't think the
lobe ever was that strong, though, and when the office building went up _on
top of_ the ground system, it cut the signal strength significantly. The
steel framework of the building is supposed to be bonded to the ground
system, but I have my doubts. I watched as a guy with an asphalt grooving
machine cut the ground wires only about 30' to the northwest of the west
tower when the lighting standards for the parking lot went up. I tried to
talk to the guy who was "supervising" the work. He was very big, and when he
said "what's it to you?" in a rather menacing tone, I said "n-n-nothing" and
beat a very hasty retreat.

The signal to the southwest of the Waltham site is very likely substantially
weaker than the signal to the southwest of the Squantum site. If I remember,
the signal strength in the null is the equivalent of only about 30W.

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