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Re: Radio Geeks....and the extended AM band...

At 08:28 PM 4/2/97 +0000, you wrote:
>Who called us Radio Geeks?   Yeah, scary when you think about it.  We are
>probably the only folks that could recite the call letter history of 1150AM!
>I too, am surprised that the 'extended band allocations' seem to have left
>New England in the dust.  I wonder why.  COuld it be that the stations that
>are being allowed to move are stations that went on the air more
>recently....and were stations that should of never been allowed on the air in
>the first place.  In New England....most of our stations are pretty
>old....and were signed on many moons ago...
>Also, this could be a DX bonanza for us, when the extended band becomes more
The stations that got preference are the ones that interfere with other
stations the most. Hence old stations, like WTRY and WSVA, which have
excellent facilities, made the list. Newer stations (WCAP, for example) went
on the air or added night service by acquiescing to interference from these
older stations. But that interference became justification for ex-band
assignments for the older stations. What WZNN interferes with significantly
is beyond me, though. I think that the reason that New England stations
didn't get many ex-band assignments is that 1.) they didn't express much
interest (smart), and 2.) they mostly put night signals over the ocean, so
they don't cause a lot of interference. In the midwest, the situation is

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