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WITS...and their famous 50KW upgrade....

>>We are all due to remember the famous WITS....for
>>years they talked about a power increase to fulltime 50kw...  When it
>>did come...the signal only changed over the water... !!!

> Not true. Because of the _lack_ of a salt water path and the abysmal soil
> conductivity in the vicinity of the Waltham site, the daytime signal
> suffered, notwithstanding the half-wave towers at the Waverly Oaks
location. (The
> towers in Squantum were only quarter wave.) However, the 50 kW nighttime
> definitely improved reception in most of the market. Exceptions were areas
> Shore mostly) that had gotten the station directly over salt water before
> move. Here in Arlington, after the construction of the State St South
> complex near the Squantum site, WMEX/WITS became totally inaudible after
> Much the same was true all around 128 between Route 2 and Route 1. I
> that way every day back when State St South went up. WMEX tried various
> such as improving the ground system, to no avail. The station _had_ to move
to be
> heard at night, and the presence of an AM 1510 in Sherbrooke PQ dictated
that the
> move had to be to the northern part of the area.

Hmmm....Maybe the signal became stronger where it already *was*......but
where the signal was dead (to the north) it still *is* invisible at