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BZ-FM....and the 35-64 demo....

What is interesting about Westinghouse is how someone at the top levels
decided that they were an "AM Company" and started selling their FM's like
here in Boston.....

Now, in the 90's, they were in the position of trying to buy back into the FM
band....at substantially higher prices.

BZ-FM was sold for about 5 million.  What do you supposed the price was for

Also, speaking of the 'older more mature audience'.  I too would like to see
a good fight for the 35-64 demo.  In Philadeplphia, WPOEN does VERY well with
that demo...playing music...on AM!  The old WJIB FM97 unabashedly went after
that demo.  

However, it needs to be said that advertisers Don't Care about that demo!  I
don't think I can recall the last time an advertiser asked for a quote for
the 35-64 demo....

Even stations that DO well in that demo (BZ, RKO, Etc..) are always trying to
improve their 25-54 showing.  WRKO, which may look respectable in the 12+
numbers...is not even in the top 10 in 25-54 (at my recall). (And most 25-54
advertisers don't go much further than 5 deep in the demo....)Ergo, the gold
bond commercials, etc.  And when you are taking Gold Bond comemrcials....you
cannot demoand top dollar.  

WRKO and WBZ have been doing ok...because of their uniqueness to the
format...and their ability to highlight spots....Howie Carr will read *your*
spot LIVE. WBZ will put the Wall Street Journal spot near the business
report.  And even WCRB has an access to the upper-income populous...to sell
Mercedez and "The Cadillac Center".  

Maybe now with multi station/single ownerships where managers are trying not
to cannibalize their audience from one station to another....*someone* will
decide to do an upper demo format!

Just my thoughts....  How about yours?


But otherwise