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Re: BZ-FM....and the 35-64 demo....

On Wed, 2 Apr 1997 D7695@aol.com wrote:

> Even stations that DO well in that demo (BZ, RKO, Etc..) are always trying to
> improve their 25-54 showing.  WRKO, which may look respectable in the 12+
> numbers...is not even in the top 10 in 25-54 (at my recall). (And most 25-54
> advertisers don't go much further than 5 deep in the demo....)Ergo, the gold
> bond commercials, etc.  And when you are taking Gold Bond comemrcials....you
> cannot demoand top dollar.  
> WRKO and WBZ have been doing ok...because of their uniqueness to the
> format...and their ability to highlight spots....Howie Carr will read *your*
> spot LIVE. WBZ will put the Wall Street Journal spot near the business
> report.  And even WCRB has an access to the upper-income populous...to sell
> Mercedez and "The Cadillac Center".  
> Maybe now with multi station/single ownerships where managers are trying not
> to cannibalize their audience from one station to another....*someone* will
> decide to do an upper demo format!

WRKO and WBZ dont have niche formats. Their programming 
appeals to a mass audience and very ratings-driven(in 12+)...Talk
and news are the Dunkin Donuts of radio formats...

If you take something specialized like a business format, then 12+ 
numbers oe even 25-49 dont really factor into the big picture because a 
station like WBNW  would be reaching a very select group of listeners. 
All business unlike any radio format is qualitative-driven....And under 1 
share in 25-49 is no big worry if you're a GM of an all-business station....
45% percent of WBNW's listeners owned liquid assets of more than $100,000,
most traded stocks or bonds, 86% owned their homes...Even if you get
120,000 listeners a week, and most of your sponsors are business and
financial services, you are still billing $2 million a year...Not a bad
situation at all, IMO....

- -Mark