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The "Joe's" on WROR

> I've been wondering about him for awhile now.  When 105.7 first became
> thought "Joe McMillan" was a pseudonym for Joe Martel, who used to do
> Night Live at the Oldies on the old WROR.  I thought he was using that name
> avoid running afoul of the contract which prevented him from appearing as
> himself.  But it's continued to be "Joe McMillan" on Saturday night on
> now I'm wondering who he is.

You weren't the only one who was a bit confused with the "Joe's"...

I think the station played it up too.  Having promos with callers saying I
*know* this is Joe Martel..."  I woulda thought that Joe *Martel* woulda
started doing the Saturday Oldies show by now....

Joe McMillan is a nice guy who worked weekends and swing for many years at
WHDH.  Always sounding up and happy.  (He's really like that in person!)  Did
some weekends at Magic.  And also, worked in San Francisco and has some Maine