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New Small TV bill

In the Boston Globe, there was an article about the new bill that was 
just passed in the Supreme Court requiring all small TV stations to be 
included on the local cable systems - WHRC, WGOT, and W54CN were all 
mentioned! WHRC will increase their possible viewers from 500,000 to 1 
million (and actual viewers from 1 to 2) and WGOT/W54CN from 1 million to 
1.5 million. WABU and WUNI are also included. 
  Another interesting point is that Lawrence "Bud" Paxson said that if he 
got enough new affiliates, he would change his band of small, infomercial 
only stations to "worthwile programming" (probably religion) and form a 
network to compete with the WB and UPN (that aint much!). Word is that 
Ruth Bader Ginsburg was against passing the bill and in favour of adding 
new, more popular and in demand cable stations. Oh well! But I don't have 
cable so the added stations won't affect me!
				K. Barry