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Old "Great 68" and WLWC

I just found a record that I had been storing for years that is entitled 
"68/WRKO - 30 Now Goldens from Now Radio Boston" - some promotional for 
the station. The music is great, but what is even better is the 
information on the inside cover - about all of their DJs! 
Shadoe Stevens
Bobby Mitchell
Gary Martin
Dale Dorman
Jerry Butler
Joel Cash?

Also, WLWC-TV was broadcasting tests today - they had on a continuous 
test pattern and were changing the audio tone  every 5 seconds - the 
signal came in very clear on my pocket TV (got power back at 1:16 PM). I 
E-Mailed (tv28@nbc.com) and they replied that they would be a WB 
affiliate and will be on in 2 weeks. Great, huh? They have a pretty good 
programme lineup, too.
		K. Barry