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Re: Old "Great 68" and WLWC

At 02:46 PM 4/2/97 -0500, Arthur Barry wrote:
>I just found a record that I had been storing for years that is entitled 
>"68/WRKO - 30 Now Goldens from Now Radio Boston" - some promotional for 
>the station. The music is great, but what is even better is the 
>information on the inside cover - about all of their DJs! 

This was not "promotional" per se, it was sold in stores. (that's where I
got mine).  Audio quality was horrendous...every song in muddy/tinny fake
stereo. It was pretty common practice in the late 60s for radio stations to
put out their own oldies compilation albums...'RKO did at least 3 (I have
all 3)...30 Now Goldens Vol 1 & 2 and a Hall of Fame album.  All on Post
(more to come!) records.  At least the second 2 had real stereo where available.


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