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Re: A favor

Dunno why WYLF was so far over WEEI in Acton, though I'll echo the other 
that it's one of the best-known offenders in the region WRT day power after 

But I was certainly frosted at CHTN 720 Charlottetown PEI last night as I 
was driving
in the rain down NY 17 from Binghamton to NYC and hoping to hear the native 
Cubs play-
by-play on WGN. CHTN is, of course, supposed to deliver zero signal at the 
border after dark, and indeed, its transmitter site is located close enough 
to the edge
of PEI that it can blast everything it's got back at Charlottetown from 
there and throw
almost no signal over the water towards NB, NS and all of US. But those 
were certainly
Maritime oldies I was hearing equal to, and at times over, WGN's call - 
which meant
I was stuck with the ESPN call on WEPN 1050 (with bad skywave/groundwave 
and an echo that may have been CHUM also carrying the game ) or WBAL 1090. And
now even if the Sox pull it out tonight, we're stuck with a best-case 
scenario of a Sox-
Marlins World Series.

And worse yet, if I understand the radio rights correctly, the only station 
that would be able
to carry the Sox' own call instead of the ESPN call once the Series starts 
would be WEEI,
which most certainly does not reach Rochester at night (or ever). No WTIC, 
which has been
the lifeline of Sox Nation for those of us at a distance from Yawkey Way. 
(Or am I thinking
of the NFL postseason here? I know the local flagship's the only one that 
can carry the local
call for the Super Bowl...)