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Re: A favor


After I sent you the private message below last evening, I can't imagine why
you would post your question again. Nobody could possibly have sent more
accurate or complete information than I did. Did you not receive my original
message? Instead of a second request to the group, what I expected to see
was a "thank you."

Dan Strassberg, dan.strassberg@att.net
eFax 707-215-6367

Kevin: WYLF is in Penn Yan NY, which is in western New York. It runs 1
kW-D/45W-N ND-U. Local sunset in Boston comes at 6:00 PM in October--until
daylight-savings time ends, which it hasn't done yet. Local sunset in Penn
Yan comes probably 45 minutes later. So at 5:55 PM, WYLF was running 1 kW
and WEEI was on day pattern. According to the V-Soft AM/FM
signal-strength-by-ZIP-code Web site, WEEI's daytime signal stremgth in
Acton (ZIP 01720) is about 5.64 mV/m, which should be enough that WYLF
shouldn't be a problem. It is most unlikely that a 1 kw station 350 miles
away would deliver a signal of more than 2 mV/m. Since Acton is pretty much
north of the WEEI's transmitter site in Needham and pretty much due east of
Penn Yan, rotating the radio should work wonders. Null WEEI and then rotate
the radio 90 degrees to maximize the signal. In doing so, you should also
minimize the signal from WYLF. I bet this would have worked very well--if
your friends had thought of doing it.

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> Can one of the radiation gurus send me a private email that I can post
> on my baseball board why at 555PM instead of hearing WEEI Sox fans were
> hearing WYLF on 850. This people in areas like Acton were shocked and
> heartbroken.