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Re: Pro's & Kin's

At 02:05 AM 10/15/2003, A. Joseph Ross wrote:
>I haven't notice lately whether they still do it, but many years ago, I 
>noticed that the BBC
>World Service tended to refer to "The German Chancellor, Herr Schroeder" 
>or "The Canadian
>Prime Minister, Monsieur Chretien."  But they say, "The Israeli Prime 
>Minister, Mr. Sharon."
>I always thought they should say, "Adon Sharon."
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On a related note, I seem to remember that the media as a whole used to 
always refer to a sitting US President as "President So-and-so" in any 
report.  Now I hear a lot more "Mister So-and-so" in there, too.   Seemed 
to start creeping in with Bush #1 and got really prevalent during the 
Clinton years (esp. as the impeachment progressed).

Of course, I could be showing my youth....Bush #1 was in office while I was 
in high school and that's when I started paying more attention to the news 
in the first place.

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