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Re: Pro's & Kin's

On 14 Oct 2003 at 12:16, Garrett Wollman wrote:

> I'm actually quite serious about this, as I see a significant bias:
> it's only Spanish-speaking places which get this treatment.[1]  Places
> where the dominant language is Portuguese, French, Dutch, German, Russian,
> or Arabic do not get the same treatment.  You never hear a news story
> about the International Criminal Court in Den Haag -- it's always ``The
> Hague''. 

I haven't notice lately whether they still do it, but many years ago, I noticed that the BBC 
World Service tended to refer to "The German Chancellor, Herr Schroeder" or "The Canadian 
Prime Minister, Monsieur Chretien."  But they say, "The Israeli Prime Minister, Mr. Sharon."  
I always thought they should say, "Adon Sharon."  

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