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Passed on to me from an aol user

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Date: Wed, 7 May 2003 14:30:57 EDT


For some reason, my posts to the Boston Radio Lists never make it on 
I am replying to you directly (hope that's OK)
WHDH radio also has the '67 World Series on the air--the same NBC radio 
that was on WCOP.
On TV, both WHDH-TV (Channel 5) and WBZ-TV had the series from NBC. The 
difference in the coverage was that WHDH radio and TV  produced their 
own pre
game and post game shows.  Ned Martin and Mel Parnell did the TV post 
and pre
game shows. On WHDH radio, the now famous "The Impossible Dream" 
narrated by
Ken Coleman served as the pregame the first day of the series.  It 
proved to
be so popular that WHDH released as a record album.  I paid a whole 
$1.85 for
it new! I hope you can forward this to the list.
Chris Sullivan