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RE: Mega Sells WAMG Boston

On 6 May 2003 at 22:19, dan.strassberg@att.net wrote:

> I don't think 1150 was ever WBNW but it was, I believe, either WKKT or
> WTTK. (To the best of my knowledge, it was never WTKT or WKTK.)
NO, WCOP-FM became WTTK and later, after a couple of other changes, 
became WKKT.

> 1150 has 1510 handily beaten--but sneaking up on the inside could be 740,
> especially since 740 has had at least one call sign (WXHR) twice.
> Actually, Bob Bittner believes it has had WJIB twice also. I don't know
> whether each of those count as one or two call signs. WXHR, WTAO, WCAS,
> WLVG, WWEA, WJIB, WJIB, WXHR. If each occurrence of a call sign gets full
> credit, and you haven't missed any on the other stations, it looks to me
> as if 740 also beats out 1510, but it can't squeak past 1150. --

I thought we had established that 740 was not WJIB before Bob used those 
call letters.  Also, I don't believe it was WXHR more than once.  I 
believe that its original call letters were WTAO.  It then became WXHR in 
the mid-1960s, and 96.9 changed from WXHR to WXHR-FM, in order to give 
the FM classical music station an AM signal to better compete with WCRB.  
When Kaiser-Globe Broadcasting took over, they shut the stations down 
until each one was ready to go on the air in its new format and call 
letters.  WJIB was chosen as a nautical term because the FM station's 
studios were on Commercial Wharf.  

The order of calls was WTAO, WXHR, WCAS, WLVG, WWEA, WJIB, with no 

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