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Re: conservative

> Not all liberal talk-show hosts are boring. 

Right now up in talk show heaven, there's a certain
guy named Jerry (who was once called liberal) nodding
his head and saying, "I'm not boring!" Yes, Jerry
Williams was pictured as being liberal years ago but
as time went on he became anti-tax and more of a
"populist" as he called himself. He even may have
called himself a "classic liberal", implying that the
liberals of the past may have been not as far-left as
the liberals of today.

As for liberal talk show hosts not being boring,
I must say I enjoyed Stephanie Miller (which WRKO
had) and it was sad that her syndicator pulled the
plug on her show. During the brief time that WRKO
carried "Fox News Live With Alan Colmes", I enjoyed
him (and I used to listen to his old show); he is
often seen as liberal though he doesn't hold leftist
views on every subject. Some didn't think much of him
but I thought he was pretty good. (That show is now
on WBPS.)