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RE: DJs Suspended for Playing Dixie Chicks

> The story focuses on the political aspects of the story and
> misses the point
> that at most commercials stations, playing anything not on
> the play list
> would get an employee in serious trouble.
> -- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine

One Christmas late afternoon, many moons ago, I inadvertently reversed the order
of two songs on the playlist (WSSH 99.5 Lowell (when studio was in Wooobin)).
It was near the bottom of the hour, near the end of the sweep, and popped up the
wrong CD (new technology at that point).  Just blasted the three mile run from
the rest room, popped the wrong song.  The batphone.  The PD.  Nice enough about
it, but just casually wanted to inquire if I was aware that I'd inverted the two
selections.  I was wrong, apologized, and on with the show.  Dazed and oddly
impressed that the PD would be that spot-on about such a thing.  But the notion
of ever playing a song not on the list never crossed my mind.  (I'd gotten that
out of my system by then!)

Bill O'Neill