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RE: conservative

Dan Strassberg:
<snip> ...Jerry Williams when he had
> his teeth sunk
> deep into Nixon's leg and wouldn't let go--month, after
> month, after month,
> after month

You can find numerous high profile examples of where Jerry took on major issues
with that kind of vengeance, at direct risk to numbers.  New Braintree prison,
seatbelt law, prop 2 1/2, Nixon/Nam, Nixon/Watergate, busing (not bussing which
is, in fact, kissing), and speed patrols and other police methodologies.  He'd
hammer and hammer the issues with that same drive that a programmer would sell a
single in power rotation.  He kept calls to the length of time akin to the
relative brevity of a hit single in the 50s/60s.  Fumbling, aimless callers were
not allowed to bring down the cadence.  Jerry maintained the rhythm.  Therein
lies Jerry's formula and how it worked - macro: establish issues that have legs
and make them a signature, micro - move the show along, elementally.  It was
rarely about the issues that interested me in listening to Jerry, it was how he
was so clearly in control of what came out of that speaker on the kitchen

Bill O'Neill