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Re: conservative

OK, I admit to having been entertained by Michael Savage for about the first 
six weeks he was on the air in Boston. After that, I just couldn't take him and 
his rants any longer. But you call him NOT strident??? I can't think of anyone 
MORE strident--unless maybe it was Jerry Williams when he had his teeth sunk 
deep into Nixon's leg and wouldn't let go--month, after month, after month, 
after month (and I was as severe a critic of Nixon as I think you could find). 
But the point seems to be that entertaining and strident are not necessarily 
opposites. I guess I can take strident (up to a point) if it's also 
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> >>It does seem strange that in a place where virtually
> all elected officials are liberal democrats,
> conservative radio does so well. And not for lack of
> liberal opponents. There have always been second tier
> talk masters, from i e America, or Westwood that have
> been middle to left, they just don't generate the same
> excitement.<<
> It's not strange at all.  Talk radio is not about ideology or political 
> positioning.  It's about entertainment, and most liberals who have tried talk 
> radio come across as strident and lecturing...the perfect forumla for tune-out.  
> The conservatives are entertaining, and therefore are able to keep the audience 
> tuned in.
> Sid Schweiger
> MIS Manager, Entercom Boston LLC