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RE: MW DX in Bermuda

Guilty! When my wife and I went on our Honeymoon in 1990, I did not visit,
either. (And being that it WAS our honeymoon, I wasn't exactly worried about
DXing, either...)

Paul Hopfgarten
East Derry NH 03041

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> On 2 May 2003 at 17:49, Joseph Pappalardo wrote:
> > > Bermuda in those days had only two stations of its
> > > own.
> >
> > And was one of them the BBC?  (Or the BBC WS?)
> No, they were ZBM and ZFB.  There was also ZBM-FM, which simulcasted the
> AM. (I infer this from the fact that they IDed as "ZBM and ZBM-FM."  And
> they pronounced the letter Z "zed."
> > (Bermuda is part of the UK, right?)
> No, it's a British colony.  Northern Ireland is part of the UK.  The
> difference is that Northern Ireland elects members to the House of
> Commons.  Bermuda is governed by a governor appointed by the Queen.  I
> beleve there is now a First Minister and cabinet drawn from the
> legislative majority.  When I was there, there wasn't, and the royal
> governor was the actual executive head of the colony.
> I actually visited the "Sessions House" in Hamilton, where the colonial
> legislature sits.  I was disappointed that the House wasn't sitting at
> the time, but the people who worked in the building were happy to tell me
> all about it.  I think, for all the students who spent Spring Break
> there, very few ever dropped by to see how the colony was governed.
> I also surprised the locals by using British money -- which then was the
> pre-decimalization pounds, shillings, and sixpences.  Most Americans use
> American currency, and businesses were used to quoting prices in either
> form.  No wonder, when Britain decimalized the currency, Bermuda adopted
> its own monetary unit, the Bermuda Dollar, pegged to the American dollar.
> I'm sure it makes a lot of things a lot simpler.
> I learned about the new money from my sister, after she and her husband
> had their honeymoon there.  I don't think they went to the Sessions House
> either.
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